Monday, April 4, 2011

Timewave DSP

Timewave DSP-9 and 599zx

Received the correct TDA-2003 audio IC and some electrolytics for the DSP-9 today and tested it out.  Sounds like new with some new filter and coupling caps.  Will be great for some of the smaller rigs.  I used Digikey # 497-2161-5-ND  which is TDA-2003H.  The H means horizontal and it is actually vertical mount but this just means you have to bend the leads.  I put the leads in the board and bent the whole IC up bending all the leads at once.  This is not a big deal.  I also changed C38, C28 the large output coupling cap and the power supply filter.  Both of these were showing some leakage on the Heath C-3 Cap tester.  I also changed the input coupling cap to the IC and a couple of other 10uf in the audio amp circuit and two other 10uf coupling caps.  The two large caps tested a bit leaky on the tester the smaller ones seemed to test ok but I changed the obvious audio coupling caps anyway.  Sound like new now.  I like the 599zx better but the -9 does a very good job for the features that it does have.  Service is still available but it would have been $70 for the factory to change the audio IC.

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