Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Drake 2B Fun

Drake 2B

Pretty good copper!
14 Mhz computer crystal for 20M

Glow of tubes.

Before putting the tube tester away for the season.  I tested all the tubes in the 2B.  You can see the Hayseed Hamfest, the DigiKey computer crystal replacement for the 20M crystal that failed,  it is soldered to the base of the original crystal.

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K1YPP said...

Love the Drake 2B. Still have mine that was purchased way back in 1982 (I think). Performance wise, it is as good as any out there today. Even the VFO stability was reasonable, although don't know if it would hold up for PSK31.
Fabulous receiver...

Dennis, K1YPP
Author of Three Hundred Zeroes