Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heathkit IG-102 RF Signal Generator

While troubleshooting the TR-4 filters I thought it would be useful to see if this old Signal Generator still worked.  This is one of the pieces from Bill's old heathkit test gear.  I took the cover off to dust it off and check it out.  I sparyed some DeoxITD5 on the pots and switches.  The bandswitch felt 'locked' so I took the knob off and turned it with a wrench and it loosened right up so it was powered up and seemed to work once all the swithes and pots were 'exercised' a bit.

Heathkit IG-102 

Top showing 12AT7 and 6AN6 both original tubes marked Mullard and Heath

Bottom showing variable cap and coils

I looked at the output on my scope and it looked 'OK' to use for a lot of test and repair purposes.  I hooked up the two Drake TR-4 filters and could see the one that worked passed a signal about 3-4 DB down from the input signal when the generator was tuned to the filter frequency and the 'bad' filter would not pass a signal at all.  With the frequency counter and the scope one could plot the response if the filter was terminated 'properly' .


AC0VD Sean said...

Great stuff!
Looks as clean as it's birthday. Much better shape than the poor souls that show up on my bench. :)

The War Planner said...

Late to the dance here, but the tube line-up is a 12AT7 and a 6AN8.