Saturday, April 30, 2011

ATS-4a field tested with KI6J End Fed Matcher

ATS-4a in use in VA at portable location

KI6J Matcher with #22 teflon 1/2 wave for 20M

KI6J Matcher 'hooked up' on 20M

Put both the ATS-4a and the KI6J matcher on a field test at the portable location in VA.  The half wave wire was indoors on the 2nd floor and contact was made with an F8 with a 579 report!  The LED worked on the matcher to tune the antenna and several US contacts were also made.  The power supply was a 4.5 AH Gel Cell.  The headphones were Skull Candy ear buds and the Vibroplex Code Warrior Jr. works without the plastic paddles too.


KC7FYS said...

That EFM looks like a dandy. What is your source of that nifty teflon wire? It looks nigh upon tangle-proof!
Jonathan KC7FYS

Paul Gerhardt said...

The teflon wire is just old stock mil-spec from a hamfest. If you are going new I would try 'Flexweave' from