Monday, May 19, 2014

46th Horn Point Antique Fly-In 2014

Great day for the Horn Point Antique Fly-In.  The field was a bit wet from Friday night storms but the WX was good white puffy cloud type of day.  Not many planes though but the ones that were there were all worth a look!  Saw a Cessna with a very nice cream colored leather interior and nice avionics along with some Stearmans that looked like they flew out of a museum.  The Fairchild 71 was also a museum piece and I think is only one of two still flying.  I loved the wicker seats.  The pilot sits up front alone then there are 3 rows of two and one in the rear, all wicker chairs with red upholstery.  So 7 seats plus pilot = Fairchild 71 I guess.  Carl and I were working on the annual condition inspection for the Waiex and he took me over in the 1940 A-65 T-Craft.  I had flown in a BC-12D once at Basking Ridge about 50 years ago!  

More about Horn Point Antique Fly-In here

Me with Carl's 1940 Talyorcraft A-65


1929 Fairchild 71

F 71 interior

Heading back to RJD in the T-Craft

Back to work on the Jabiru 3300