Thursday, January 27, 2011

ATS-4a with two torroids

ATS-4a w 2 torroids

Have been working on the KD1JV ATS-4a project some this past week.  Here is the board with most of the parts on it.  The rest of the coils and push button switches are the main parts left to add.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monster Jr. Receiver

Technics SA-600 

Under the hood

Am still cleaning out the attic bedroom and found this nice old Technics SA-600 70 wpc receiver from 1978-79 according to Vintage Technics Data Base.  Great place for Technics Specs and Manuals

           New $   Yr   wpc dist   thd   pwr bd S/N   mono sen  cap db  THD  sep db lbs

This is definitely one of the 'they don't make em like this anymore' products.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fisher 500B and Phillips 312 Turntable

Fisher 500B and Phillips 312

The Fisher 500B looks better with two now knob 'brights' from Tube Audio Design (new ones on far left)  Record on the Turntable is Dire Straits "Dire Straits" 1978.  The turntable is from about then and the 500B is from about 1962 and is a MPX receiver (Stereo) with about 30 wpc.  The sound from the tubes is very nice.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day in Centreville

New Years Day in Centreville

Stayed home today and went on a few dog walks.  This scene is about a 10 min walk from the house and is a route often taken on nice days.  It was over 50 today and was the warmest day in about a month.  The ground was nice and squishy to walk on for a change and most all the snow melted.  We made a fancy breakfast for each other and watched the Tournament of Roses Parade, which always reminds me of my late friend Paul Schou KE6ET who among many other activities worked as a communications volunteer for the parade and received commendations for his service.  We watched the FL State football game, we rooted for Penn St because our nephew is there working on MS in mechanical engineering.  Later on I worked on some Christmas pix for the family and enjoyed the holiday.