Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

COG Railway to top of Mt. Washington

On Mt. Washington

Standing in 55mph wind!

Norm KB1OV and COG Train

Touring VY2 PEI

View from operating position

Operating as K3PG/VY2 on PEI

Using an ATS-4 4 Watts and an End Fed wire tied to the 2nd floor balcony railing and a chair in the yard I worked several stations.
    27 Aug 2012
1428 K1YAN 20M   559  Gary in Plymouth MA
1434* WA9PWP 20M   449 Paul in Stoughton WI running 3W
1435   DK1BN 20M   559 Walt remote 100W and 6el Mono Bander
1613 KB4QQJ   20M   559   Randy in Burlington NC QRP and Straight Key
1614 K2JT 20M   549 Joe in Montvale NJ
1617   K6FWJ 20M   559 ?  2W not sure of QTH
1912 K9ESE 20M   339  Jeff 3W Charleston WV mobile
2040* DH1BBO   20M   539 Olaf Goldenstedt  K2 5W Windom
2059* VE2PID 40M   569   Pierre Sherbrooke KX3 5W port. inv. Vee
2132* G3SES 20M   449 Phil 5W from Chester TS-940 at 5W wire ant

*times confirmed by other stations log

Had a great trip to PEI.  We stayed at Andy's Surfside Inn in North Rustico.  The view was what I was seeing at the operating position on the back porch.  We also attended a great Airshow at Summerside.

Sitting in 2-33 at Summerside PEI

AT PEI Airshow
Old Telephone Switchboard at PEI Potato Museum
More Pix of PEI and New England Trip on Webshots at