Thursday, September 27, 2007

23rd thing Final comments.

Wow got to the last ‘Thing’! As a tech savvy librarian much of it was at least familiar to me, however my favorite discoveries were learning how different sites can interact with each other. Creating an Avatar on Yahoo and using it on Google Blogger was pretty cool. For the past 2 years I have been an avid user of MP3 files. Driving 3 hours per day I have used the internet to find many lectures and audio courses on a number of topics; this has greatly changed how I approach my lifelong learning. I enjoyed the exercise I completed on finding podcasts using a special search tool. The other thing that I found interesting with was the on-line productivity software. Years ago we had software stores so that our computers would ‘do something’ this does not seem to be the case with the modern internet. There are all sorts of on line applications and this trend seems to be continuing. The ability to create your own search tools was interesting to me. This could be quite useful in doing specialized tasks. It was fun to import one of the search tools into the blog in a quick and easy fashion. I would like to participate in another discovery exercise like this in the future. Some of the things I learned may actually get used and those that do not ….well I will at least have a cursory knowledge of some new things on the internet.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Downloadable Audio Books from the library

Downloaded and listened to several audio books from each of these services. They seemed to work fine with my Creative Zen Flash drive player with is 'compatible' with the protected WMA format.

Google Video

Could not get signed into YouTube for some reason.
Here is a Library Cart Drill team video!

PodCast Finders

This will be a useful way to listen to some buisness news on the way to work. Several good authors are listed on the site in the previous post.

Using a PodCast Finder

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business on Odeo

Ben Stein: Don't Panic Over the Credit Crunch (Today)
NPR: Business Story of the Day (04:33)
Credit Card Companies Woo Teens with Plastic (Today)
NPR: Business Story of the Day (04:46)
Treasury Chief Urges Refinancing for Homeowners (Today)
NPR: Business Story of the Day
Work Groups Make Telecommute a Social Affair (Today)
NPR: Business Story of the Day
Hunt Oil Makes Deal to Seek Oil in Iraq (Today)
NPR: Business Story of the Day (04:23)
Green is the Next Big Thing (Today)
Kiplinger's Personal Finance
September Issue - Covercast (Today)
Kiplinger's Personal Finance
Holiday Retail Predictions (Today)
ABC News Money Minute (01:05)
The Dollar Drops (Today)
ABC News Money Minute (01:11)
More for Your Money (Today)
ABC News Money Minute
The Slow Road to the Office (Today)
ABC News Money Minute (01:22)
Preview of Fed Meeting (Today)
ABC News Money Minute
Interview With Joe Hewitt, iPhone God (Today)
Nolte: More room for stock gains if there's no more... (Today)
MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk
Steve Sachs: Next week's housing, consumer reports ... (Today)
MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk
Sam Stovall: Stocks could climb double-digits in ne... (Today)
MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk
Metz: Fed cuts won't change economy's problems (Today)
MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk (04:36)
Lieberman: Markets and the Fed need more data (Today)
MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk
Pado: Retail sales not as bad as first glance (Today)
MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk
Russell: Stuck in a range until the Fed (Today)
MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk
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Diggnation w/Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht

KEXP Live Performances Podcast

NPR: All Songs Considered

Breakdown FM w/ Davey D


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Using Zoho Writer

Student ID Card

Paul Gerhardt

ID #: CS3573

Havre de Grace High

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In case of emergency call




Monday, September 24, 2007

Playing in the Sandbox

Found the Sandbox and had fun looking at a few blogs from librarians in other systems. Put this blog on the list under Harford Co.

Library 2.0 Key Principals

Key principles
The key principles of Library 2.0 are not just about access to books and information. It is about innovation, about people, and about community building, enabled through the participation that social computing brings. It achieves this through trust and encouraging users to share ideas through writing, rating, and commenting against everything in the library's collection. It even makes the collection open to developers to use, re-use and improve!

Library 2.0 Meme Map by Bonaria BiancuBrowser + Web 2.0 Applications + Connectivity = Full-featured OPAC
Harness the library user in both design and implementation of services
Library users should be able to craft and modify library provided services
Companies wanting to do business with public or academic libraries should not be creating proprietary software; Library 2.0 is not a closed concept.
Constant change is replacing the older model of upgrade cycles
Beta is forever
Harvest and integrate ideas and products from peripheral fields into library service models
Continue to examine and improve services and be willing to replace them at any time with newer and better services.
Rigidity breeds failure
Harness The Long Tail

Library 2.0

Learned from Technorati

Learned from Technorati Halo 3 coming out tonight.

Why Libraries should use Flickr

Interesting site on why libraries should use flickr...

One result from Rollyo search

Check this link to see map of nice trip in the Alps

Picture Search Rollyo

Powered by Rollyo

Alps Pix Rollyo Search

Library Thing

Avatar now shows on Yahoo IM!

When the Yahoo Avatar is created it will show up on Yahoo IM. I did load the IM Software after creating the Avatar so this may make a difference.

Avatar Test

Yahoo! Avatars U.K. & Ireland

Yahoo Avatar Created

Set up Avatar on Yahoo
Will Use it on Yahoo and other places where you can upload HTML

Using Avatars on Yahoo!
Avatars in Messenger
Let friends see your avatar in Messenger — just by changing your display image. To share your avatar:

Go to the Messenger menu and select "Change My Display Image." If you don't have the latest Messenger, please download it now.

Click the "Share My Avatar" radio button.

To share your avatar even more, check the box next to "Show my avatar in other people's Messenger Lists."

Click "OK."
Now your friends will see your avatar when you IM with them and in their Messenger Lists!
Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I display my avatar in the Messenger List?
Where can I use Yahoo! Avatars?
How do I use avatars around Yahoo!? How do I show my avatar in Messenger?
How does Yahoo! Games show my avatar?
How do I show my avatar on Yahoo! Message Boards?
How do I show my avatar on Yahoo! Movies?
How does the Yahoo! Music Engine show my avatar?
How do I show my avatar in Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball?
Using your avatar for the first time? Go to the Getting Started page.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.



This looks like a great photo site. I have been using Webshots for years and may continue it but flicker may have some extra features like video etc...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Post

This is a place to post info on personal adventures and activites.