Tuesday, July 27, 2010

COG Cook Forest Weekender 2010

Planned out the Route to Kalyumet Campground near Cook Forest PA and took off for a little camping trip.  I stayed an extra day and operated in the Bumblebee Contest with the FT-817 and a wire doublet from the picnic table as well.  Sat Nite there was 4" of water in the tent area with Thunder Storms and Tornado warmings.  12 of us huddled under a Kelty tarp over a picnic table with water over our ankles till about 2am then retired to various degrees of wet sleeping arragnements.  It was 'shared conflict' at it's best though and we will all have a story to tell!

Farmers Inn is a great place to Eat

Kinzua bridge in the background

Radio set up for "Flight of the Bumblebees"

RIG  Yaesu FT-817 w/LDG Z100 Auto Tuner, Antenna 60 ft(more or less) untuned doublet up 15 ft.

Stations Worked
W4ZV     NC  5W
KX0R      CO 158
N4BP       FL 5W
W3CUV   PA 83
K3RLL     PA 5W
N1RX       NH 41
W4VAB   TN 103
NB1N       MA 5W
K9ESE     WV 186
K6EI        WA 152
NE5DL    TX  6
AC8M      OH 5W
K9DXA    IL  77
WQ8RP   MI 53
AA1MY   ME 27
K7TD      CO 172
VE3XT    ON 22
N5GW    MS 173
KF0UR   CO 61
K4JJ        GA 125
WA8REI   MI 49
AG4P        TN 23
KE0G        MN 5W
W0ETT     CO 100W

Comments from stations worked


You had a great signal into Central WV.  That was the best BB event I
have ever worked.  Wall-to-wall signals on 20 and busy on 40 between
the QRN.

Rig here is ATS-3B into a 60' invertled L up 30 feet.



Thank you for the contact.  This was my first QRP contest.  I was running a battery powered Elecraft KX1 with a 27 foot vertical wire that was supported by fishing line over a tree limb.  I did have above ground radials for 40 and 20.  I was rained out an hour early.  Photo attached.


W4VAB, Hugh Morgan
Knoxville, Tennessee

Hi Paul K3PG

Thanks for the QSO - I had to crank in the filters on the IC756pro3 and listen intently to make the QSO, but glad we got thru. Your 2.5 watts to a doublet up 15 feet is a testament to your location and decent condx on the bands.  If you want a QSL, please send a SASE to my adr on QRZ.com.

See you again.

73 Ken, W0ETT

Glad we made contact, Paul.  Too hot down here in SFL to take the rig out in the fiedl, plus I'm getting too old for the physical hardship.  :-)

73, Bob Patten, N4BP             Plantation, FL

Operated from Valley Ridge Park in Cedar Hill south of Dallas, temp 95 degs Used a K2, 12AH SLA battery, Palm Paddles, 88ft doublet on 33ft poles, and Homebrew ladder line. Started an hour late after equipment problem fixes, as in driving home twice for missing parts. QSOs all on 20M which sounded much better than in previous years. Flubbed the first Q using paddles after recently operating all SK, thanks N6GA. Had fun, Hope to see y'all next year with no part shortages.
The hill was all of 1,00ft above sea level !  Should've added operated at 5 W. 
FB on your 2.5W and equipment. See you were a 559.
My birthday is July 29th and so FOBB is ritual for me. Used to live upstate NY and the temps were much more bearable up there but getting used to TX WX. I also operate in the SKCC monthly Weekend Sprint QRP, except with a SK. Not too many other contests. Mostly hangout on the SKCC freqs nowadays. Checkout http://www.obriensweb.com/sked/

Thanks for answering my CQ. GL on the bands.

73, Dave NE5DL

nx for your QSO as well.   It’s always interesting to see what folks are using “on the other side”.

You inspired me to share some of my photos as well.   I attached a few to this email.

I was on Mt. Herman in Monument, CO at 9054 ft, using an Elecraft KX1 and a homebrew, very portable vertical.  When I got up to my site, I was actually above the clouds, which made it a fabulous view.   It’s in the pictures.

CU next time.
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the report!  I remember our QSO and you were just above the noise floor with some QSB.  Of course we are fairly close so it probably wasn't the best of propagation between us.  Thanks for sharing and see you next year!

73,  Bill  W4ZV

Riding home on Rt 36 through Punxsutawny I waved at Phil while not missing I-80 or much of I-99.  The trip is about 348 miles from my home.  I would like to go again.

Lunch At Al's Pizza

After Church with my nephews and sister we went to lunch at Al's Pizza in Purcellville, VA.  After another 50 miles on the DR350 I took the Concours back home.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dual Sport Ride

Before returning to MD I was able to borrow one of the DR350 and Evan and I took a 50 mile ride through some scenic back roads and a bit of off road near a new subdivision.  It was a great day for a ride and the little bikes are a blast.

MA-550 Arrives

The MA-550 arrived Friday afternoon at Centreville.  Evan picked it up in Reston from the previous owner and I drove the flatbed over and Arden's 'crew' unloaded it in the backyard.  The next day the Jack and I  returned the truck to VA.  Now the hole needs to be dug and concrete pad poured.  I have an A3S, a Mosley Mini 33 and a Hex Beam kit to play with when it goes up.