Sunday, June 27, 2010


This past weekend was the 13th North South COG camp out in Hamstead, MD

A few of the 'Classic' Connie C10's

ST 3 from Canada for the Weekend Hey it's only 10 hours away!

Me at 'High Rock'

Lunch in Fairfield PA where a 'BLT' is still $2.50!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day Fly-In

21st Annual Father's Day Fly in at Shrevreport North 62PA

Pix of airport showing many of the planes

Two Challangers at sunset

Great Weather this year really brought out the folks this was the largest attendance that I have seen here in the last few years.  More pix are posted on Webshots at

Monday, June 14, 2010

ARRL June VHF Contest

This year my 'setup' was an old '726 barefoot with only 2M and 70cm and an Arrow Ant on a camera tripod inside my 3 fl radio room.  When I saw the 6M spots early Sun I set up the old '706 and set it for low power and hooked it up to my HF Cushcraft R7 with 130ft of RG8X on (and a splice from lawn mower).  Logged to HRD because I cant figure out how to use N1MM in Manual mode (i.e. w/o radio hook up for freq) .  I manually transcribed the 20 Q log and retyped it into the Cabrillio Gen and got the 'robot' to accept it this evening as a QRP entry with 20 Q's and 14 grids in about 5-6 hours of playing around with it! 

 144 PH 2010-06-13 1035 K3PG             FM19   K8GP             FM19
 144 PH 2010-06-13 1039 K3PG             FM19   K3YTL            FN11
 144 PH 2010-06-13 1101 K3PG             FM19   K3CB             FM18
 144 PH 2010-06-13 1124 K3PG             FM19   KE2N             FM18
  144 PH 2010-06-13 1133 K3PG            FM19   K1RZ              FM19
  144 PH 2010-06-13 1517 K3PG            FM19   W3SO            FN00
    50 PH 2010-06-13 1529 K3PG            FM19   W5ZN            EM45
    50 PH 2010-06-13 1550 K3PG            FM19   WW2R           EM13
    50 PH 2010-06-13 1553 K3PG            FM19   W5LL             EM23
    50 PH 2010-06-13 1607 K3PG            FM19   N5AU             EM12
    50 PH 2010-06-13 1608 K3PG            FM19   WA5LFD         EM12

    50 PH 2010-06-13 1617 K3PG            FM19   WD5K             EM12
    50 CW 2010-06-13 1627 K3PG           FM19   K0HA             EN10
    50 CW 2010-06-13 1630 K3PG           FM19   K2PLF            FM19
    50 CW 2010-06-13 1700 K3PG           FM19   KI5T               EM40
    50 CW 2010-06-13 1710 K3PG           FM19   W5ROK          EM12
    50 CW 2010-06-13 1715 K3PG           FM19   K5QE             EM31
    50 CW 2010-06-13 1726 K3PG           FM19   WA3SEE        FM28
    50 CW 2010-06-13 1734 K3PG           FM19   AE5T              EM32
    50 CW 2010-06-13 1737 K3PG           FM19   AA5AM           EM13

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flyday at Ridgely

Friday PM looked like a good day for an afternoon flight!  Here are a few Pix of the Day.

Hot Air near Ridgely

On the Choptank

Gliders East Coast HG Championship

Flying the Choptank

Jet Ski Keeping up at 55 MPH

Looking North back to Denton

Powerboat on the River

Nice Home and Dock

Tug and Tandem Glider 


Railroad Bridge Open nr Denton

Downwind for Runway 12 Landing on the grass

Gliders at dusk

Taxing in after a great Flyday!