Monday, September 24, 2007

Yahoo Avatar Created

Set up Avatar on Yahoo
Will Use it on Yahoo and other places where you can upload HTML

Using Avatars on Yahoo!
Avatars in Messenger
Let friends see your avatar in Messenger — just by changing your display image. To share your avatar:

Go to the Messenger menu and select "Change My Display Image." If you don't have the latest Messenger, please download it now.

Click the "Share My Avatar" radio button.

To share your avatar even more, check the box next to "Show my avatar in other people's Messenger Lists."

Click "OK."
Now your friends will see your avatar when you IM with them and in their Messenger Lists!
Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I use avatars around Yahoo!? How do I show my avatar in Messenger?
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How does the Yahoo! Music Engine show my avatar?
How do I show my avatar in Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball?
Using your avatar for the first time? Go to the Getting Started page.

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