Monday, September 24, 2007

Library 2.0 Key Principals

Key principles
The key principles of Library 2.0 are not just about access to books and information. It is about innovation, about people, and about community building, enabled through the participation that social computing brings. It achieves this through trust and encouraging users to share ideas through writing, rating, and commenting against everything in the library's collection. It even makes the collection open to developers to use, re-use and improve!

Library 2.0 Meme Map by Bonaria BiancuBrowser + Web 2.0 Applications + Connectivity = Full-featured OPAC
Harness the library user in both design and implementation of services
Library users should be able to craft and modify library provided services
Companies wanting to do business with public or academic libraries should not be creating proprietary software; Library 2.0 is not a closed concept.
Constant change is replacing the older model of upgrade cycles
Beta is forever
Harvest and integrate ideas and products from peripheral fields into library service models
Continue to examine and improve services and be willing to replace them at any time with newer and better services.
Rigidity breeds failure
Harness The Long Tail

Library 2.0

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