Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Waiex Trip to Ocracoke NC
Fall 2014

Took Trish to Ocracoke for a couple of days for our anniversary.  She really does not like to fly with me but was amazed at how it looked from the air and how much faster it was compared to last time we went in the VW Camper.  The weather was really good and I decided to go at the last min so I did not get my 1st or 2nd choice of hotel but did get a room at the Pony Island which we would recomend to anyone flying down.  The desk dispatched on of the hotel people to pick us up at the airport.  The hotel also has rental bikes and their resturant is a local hotspot for breakfast.  You can ride 'downtown' and to the tourist spots on the bicycles.  We went to Dajio's for a nice Anniversary dinner.  We could ride to the beach which is right next to the airport.  

Flying over Cape Point Light

Bicycle ride to Ocracoke Light

Beach right by airport

Trish at the Beach

Rental Bike at the airport

Using the secret code to use airport lobby

Pony Island Inn

From the pilot seat

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