Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bike Florida 2014

Bike Flordia 2014

This was my second time to Bike Florida and it was different going by myself on Amtrak.  Had to ride a rental bike as Amtrak would not load my boxed bicycle so I brought my pedals, seat and handlebar bag.  Other highlights were teaching Yoga everyday in exchange for cost of Bike Florida pass.  I did still purchase the meal plan.  Slept on the gym floor on my yoga mat and blanket with a light sleeping bag.  After riding 35-65 miles per day and a Yoga class I slept fine.  Riding on the Speedway was interesting.  The banks are steeper than they look on TV.  Fish Taco's, something I had never tried were available at the beach Taco shop in Flagler Beach and other places, found out that I often like them.  Do not miss one of the Bike Flordia tours if you can fit one it.  Lots of nice people breathing too much O2 and enjoying life!

 Riding on the Daytona Speedway

My old Brooks Seat that I brought with me to use on a rental bike failed!  Do not buy these seats it only lasted for 40 years! 

 First Class accomodations at Bike Florida bring your 'sleep music' and eyeshades.
Riding up the coast 60 miles with a nice headwind.  Felt like a hundred by the end..

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