Saturday, February 25, 2012

New to me TR-4C

New to me TR-4c

New TR-4C is on the air.  This was an eBay purchase that checked out and seems to work fine.  Several of the tubes did not light at first but they all checked good on the B&K 707 tube tester.  The previous owner had swapped out the 3/16" mic jack for a 1/4 one with 'non-std' mic and ptt wiring so I changed it to match the Tip=PTT and Ring=Mic that Drake uses on the stock 3/16" connector.  I found an old Turner 454 SSB that had a 1/4 plug on it and it seems to work.  The pig tail on the AC-4 is not picking up the Spkr Audio but the headphone jack sounds great.  Will rag it off some and maybe put a drop of oil on the PTO bearings and I think it will be pretty good.

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