Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zombies and the CQWW SSB

Friday Nite Zombies

I always look forward to the announcement of the Zombie Shuffle.  My Friday night even included TWO actual QRP CW contacts this year.

Heard a fair number of stations but just worked two:

AC5JM     in OK
WA5BDF  an 'Elvis' station

At one time I had an actual Zombie # but I am now using my Area Code.

Sat we had to work but Sun I woke up early and got on the CQWW SSB test.  Phone contests are usually not my favorite but I am finding them more enjoyable with the use of HRD.  Once the voice keyer is loaded up with some wave files (made on Audacity usually) it possible to make many contacts without using the mic so much.  After about 6 hours I had to leave on the motorcycle to go to Northern VA and then WV to attend and family B'day Party for my sister Amy.  On the way home stopped in Harpers Ferry to check on my son's well that quit working.  The leaves were about at their peak crossing the Appalachian Mountains and the electric vest and heavier gloves were needed on the two hour ride home to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

 Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty   ZN
     7       4            8       4      3
    14      28          77    21   10
    21      83         236   48   12
    28       5           15      4     3
 Total     120        336   77   28
Score: 35,280

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