Friday, November 5, 2010

CW/PSK Reader by KD1JV

Today I had some time to work on the OK1IAK /KD1JV Morse and PSK31 reader kit.  This was my 1st attempt at hand soldering SMT (surface mount technology) parts.  The new (used) Hakko 936 Iron was also used for the 1st time.  All the parts are now mounted except one resistor which could not be located.

Front of reader showing LCD display

Back of reader 

Hakko 936

My only other SMT soldering has been on the still untested Soft Rock 40 ver. 6.22 where I used solder paste , candle warmer (from craft store) and my wifes 'hot air embossing' gun which flows all the solder at once. If you go to Amateur Logic TV # 15 you can d/l a video of this technique  The hand soldering is not too hard if you have a steady hand.  I used my smallest jewelers screwdriver to hold the part down and set the Hakko Iron to about 800 degrees.  Just wet the tip (very small pointed tip) with solder, a drop is way too much and solder one side while holding the part down with the screw driver.  

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