Friday, October 1, 2010


QRP Labs Transmitter working on bench
This is the QRP Labs QRSS Transmitter available from Hans Summers.  I purchased the kit at FDIM at Dayton and the tropical depression with 2 days of rain seemed like a good time to work on it.  Today I got the kit running on the bench still on 12 wpm with 36 ohm dummy load I am getting 5.08V p to p output on the scope.  This is somewhere around 50 mw and is set somewhat below max output as max output causes the transistor to run pretty warm.  I also found out that you can reverse voltage the PIC enough to cause a 2nd degree burn on the finger and it still seems to be working.  I am letting it run overnight or for a few days before I put the antenna on it.  Before it started working I had a bad looking sine wave at very low level. Also the final was amplifying this spurious signal.  After poking and prodding and reheating some connections it starting running properly.

Check the Yahoo Group on QRP Labs for info on this inexpensive kit.

Also check W4HBK's FL Grabber

This has now been on the air with a marginal 40M half wave wire on 10.140.70 sending 3 sec dits

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VE3WDM said...

Good evening Paul, do post once you put an antenna on things and let us know how it goes.