Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Stink Bugs' at Portable QRP location

I left the End Fed Antenna up at my mom's house in Lovettsville for a couple of weeks with the lead in coming through a window left cracked open and the room was infested with brown marmorated stink bugs when we came back this time.  There were so many on the curtains I took them down and threw them into the garden, then they all try to get back in!  They will climb on to the coax lead in and walk right back inside.  Finally I gave up and threw the antenna lead out the window and latched it.  No more radio with the window cracked open here!

This Penn State paper offers a good background info http://ento.psu.edu/extension/factsheets/brown-marmorated-stink-bug

There were so many of these creatures it was like a biblical plague.  The vacuum cleaner method seemed to be the best approach to getting them out of the house.  They are resistant to many pesticides and they do give off a mildly offensive odor when they are threatened or die.  We found they liked dark folds in the curtains, crevices in upholstery, behind pictures and mirrors on the walls, and other nice dark easy to get at spaces.  They come indoors in Sept -Oct looking for places to 'winter over'.  For collecting them without a vacuum cleaner, a large tall glass with some soapy water is good.  One of their defense mechanisms seems to be to fall so if you tap the glass on the wall underneath them they often just let go and fall into the glass.  They are good swimmers but the soap kills the surface tension on the water and they will sink and drown.  The best defense seems to be sealing all the cracks around the doors, windows etc.  

Have fun with these creatures!  It is a bit like a bad Sci-Fi movie.  


Anonymous said...

A bit of homebrew that might help with the stinkbug problem:


PA0O said...


once sitting at the radio I had this creature walking over my bare food...
a scary one 3cm long looks like an scorpion hunting snails and shooting stinking stuff when threaten our most exotic insect.

since then I alway look unther the table but have not seen him again