Monday, April 2, 2012

New Grouppo on Bike

New Brifters and Tape
New 600 Crank and Forte Pedals
New Parts mostly On

New No Shifter

New Rear Brake

New Rear Shifter

Of course none of this is really New but they are a big upgrade as the last time this bike was upgraded was about 30 years ago.  Still need a longer stud to mount the Shimano Front Brake so the old Dia Comp is still there for now.  The frame had no boss for the front derailleur so the old Suntour is still there and seems to work at least OK even with the STI.  The Front Brifter was not working at first and was not sure what do do but Liberal WD40 was recommended by many.  This did not seem to work but I sprayed a lot on and operated the lever about a hundred times.  This did not make any difference but the next day it worked fine.  The next step would have been to soak it overnight in solvent and then take it apart for cleaning.  There are directions for this but I am glad disassembly was not needed beyond removing the lever pivot pin which was hard enough for me. After a few mins of tuning the old Suntour front derailleur started to work.

Next will be to find a longer stud for the Shimano front brake and find and mount a magnet on the Spinergy wheel for the cyclometer.  Oh, and put the vintage brooks seat on it.

Me and Jack 

After working on the bike....and before Easter haircut.

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