Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rybakov 4:1 Unun

Started working on another End Fed Half Wave matcher that will take a bit more power.  I have been using the PAR 40 Meter at 10-15 ft and it works well for the ECARS regional net on 40M.
Coil ready to go int box t200-2

Here is a T200-2 core with 14 turns of Zip Cord sitting in a radio shack project box getting ready to be mounted.  (Still under construction)

Here are some interesting links for end fed half wave antennas or other hi impedance wires.
Rybakov antenna the start of the 4:1 Unun idea for me

Steve Yates excellent article on End Fed Half Wave Antennas

Amateur Radio (G3TXQ) - UnUn experiments

Good write up on the Cushcraft R5/R7 matcher

Good write up on Inv-L multiband 

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