Monday, September 19, 2011


Seems to be unopened through customs

UV200 factory box

UV200 contents

This radio was $46 incl shipping from China.  Had to try one.  Will post review later.  It arrived in one week from


Anonymous said...

I knew they were cheap, but only $46 including shipping? I'm not a VHF/UHF FM person, but this is tempting just from the "owning another gadget" point of view!

Looking forward to hearing your impressions of this radio Paul.

Paul Gerhardt said...

Seems to work well! I am happy to have it as a gadget. Used it to check into the local repeater a few times from the house. The UV-200 seems to be identical to the UV-3R.

Anonymous said...


Why did you choose the UV200 instead of the UV-3R?

...Mikey, WB8ICN