Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dynaco ST-120

Put a few new caps in the ST-120 yesterday.

One new Cap in Place one amp board loose

Couple of more new caps

I installed some new caps on each Amp board and  a two new filters and two new output Caps.  The output caps were zip tied to the old ones to perserve the coils.  

Trying the amp it is not as quiet as the ST-80 so I will change a few more of the caps.  The output with no signal is reading about 300 mv vs. the 15mv on the ST-80.  Some of the other filters were not changed.  Two of them looked to be changed before and there are a couple of others on the P/S board so this will be reworked again.

update Mar 29
Picked up some of the caps at Timonium and replaced a few more of the old electrolytics and there was still no change in the 300mv DC offset however the AC signal dropped a bit.  I have not listened to it again yet.

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