Thursday, December 30, 2010

NorCal S9 Signal Gen

NorCal S9 Signal Generator became available for a short while and I ordered on a few weeks ago.  It went together in a couple of hours and worked right away except for a few solder joints on the Xtals that needed to be redone.  If doing this again I would clean the leads on the Xtals and make sure the plated through holes are really plated through, as the connections to the circuit are on the top of the board.  The test oscillator reads right at S 8.5 or so (with a low battery) on all four frequencies on the FT-1000 Mk V.  Later I plan to do some measurements on the 3 DC receivers that I have here, using the MFJ attenuator that I purchased used to go with the test oscillator.

NorCal S9 Test Oscillator

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Jerry Palsson said...

I agree about re-doing the crystals. Just finished my sig gen, but it's not oscillating. Could be lots of things, but the first item I'm going to check will be the crystals.

Btw, Your photo does not show the crystal cases grounded. Did you do that later?

Jerry AA6KI