Monday, August 2, 2010

Berryville Hamfest

Sunday was the 60th Annual Berryville Hamfest and it was just a beautiful day for it.  Last year it rained all day and today the forecast was for rain but the weather guessers were wrong and it was a great day for a hamfest.

Nice shady Hamfest!

This probably the prettiest hamfest venue I have been too.

There were actually some good 'ol radios here too
Several sets of nice radios, a bunch of nice FT-1000's too.  D's and MP's 

I  met up with one of my old ham 'buddies' and talked to many folks over coffee and some of the good 'Bar B Que'.  There were actaully some nice radios for sale.  Bunch of Yaesu contest type HF rigs,  older HT's for cheap and some nicer looking Drakes, Collins etc.  Good selection of the 'good' stuff.  I only bought some wire and and connectors but had a great time.

Nice Keys  March Magnetic Paddles

66 Corvair
Our family probably owned 10 of these in the early 70's

More old stuff and folks

 R.F. Connectionsa good place for connectors and coax

The Google 'route' to the hamfest was close to Harpers Ferry so we stopped to visit Lilly my Grand Daughter at Dan and Heathers house, then stopped at Lovettsville to visit there for a couple of hours.  This trip took 14 hours and 300 miles of driving but was a good day.

Hey I Just Woke UP!

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