Sunday, April 18, 2010

Willamette20 at the 'Sonic' Stage

Willamette20 went to the airport with me Friday and I found a nice old Sonic Drive in Auto Tray in the junque pile there.  In the machine shop we fashioned it into a simple enclosure for the rig.   I also found a nice piece of aluminum from a wrecked Piper Cherokee 140 that will serve as the top portion of the clam shell enclosure.  The knobs and feet are added and it is starting to look more like a radio now.

Monday went to the shop at the airport again and added a few more bits to the Rig.

On Off Switch and Headphone Jack on Front Panel

SO-239, Power Connector, Key Jack, and Aluminum Screen with 3 Feed Through Caps for 12V, VFO Sig to Mixer and Key Line to Disable RIT 

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Jason said...

Thanks for sharing these photos Paul, you did a great job!

Jason NT7S