Saturday, January 2, 2010

SKN Straignt Key Night

New Years Eve is also know as straight key night and I like to see if I can find my straight key and make a couple of contacts.  This year I worked 3 stations and one contact with KO1E Dave in RI which spanned the 2009-2010 minutes.  Dave mentioned that he was using a Begali Key that he received from his wife as a Christmas Gift.  I had to look it up and here is a picture of it.


This straight key stuff is 'real' old school ham radio and it is great way to spend a few min on New Years Eve or day.

Happy New Year from K3PG

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UU1CC said...

Lucky you. This year I got nothing, but SSB QRMs on crystal's frequencyies 7051 and 7055. Seems like I can make a straight key QSOs any night except this one.


Maybe next year?..

73! Andy SKCC #3072c