Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!

Today I removed some Dead power diodes from the Raytrack P/S Yes when the interlock is closed the HV is shorted! 6 of 10 HV Rectifier Diodes are now shorted as well! Ordered some new ones from Allied because I do not think the ones that Radio Shack has are suitable, (they used to have some that were). The other Amps I have also been working on have interlocks that are in series with the on-off switch. Oh Well I should probably change these diodes anyway the ones in the boards look like they were changed once since mfg but this would still put them at least 20 years ago which is how long I have had the 1969 Raytrack DX2000L. I had purchased a couple of used tubes (I dont really suggest this) and was testing them for possible use in the amp which uses a pair of 3-500z's. One of the tubes was good and I matched it with another one for a fairly well matched pair. The B+ resistors smoked and the diode string just quietly shorted out!

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